Thank you, I just wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you and tell everyone out there how much all of your love and support has meant to me over these very past difficult few weeks. Thank you, not that I had any doubt before, but you guys are most certainly the greatest fans in the world.


i seriously don’t even understand how some people can legitimately believe that lea michele is gay


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lea michele is straight…

that’s basically Finchel

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It’s funny when monchele shippers think you ship achele just because you don’t believe monchele is real. News flash people: most people from many ships think it’s fake.

Whenever there’s new monchele pics, monchele posts are like: “see that haters?” and I’m like, yeah I see a huge Glee banner across Lea and Cory’s face.


Everyone sees it, except monchele shippers.



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(Thanks to the wonderful franinconverse for the inspiration)


You are the only one making your life difficult, you are the one who demands to be the most featured member of the club, who gets pissed, storming out or throwing bitch fits, whenever you don’t get what you want, or someone is picked over you - You even tear down, demean, and even endanger the lives, of your competition, refusing to share the spotlight - Despite it apparently being such a burden.

How is it exhausting to be you? You get handed everything you want on a silver platter 90% of the time, you rarely have to fight for anything (see my painstakingly detailed post HERE). The only thing you’ve ever really fought for and exhausted yourself over was pursuing Finn, and that was because he was already in a relationship and you apparently had no problem being the other woman.

And what exactly are you preparing for? You couldn’t be bothered to even do a quick search about Juilliard, despite planning your entire future around it, you’d never heard of NYADA until Emma informed you about it, despite Lima being so small, and your burning passion to go to a school in New York, you had no idea about the monthly meeting for perspective students who wish to go to New York and while desperately trying to get ahold of Carmen, in order to ensure getting into your ‘dream’ school, you couldn’t be bothered to search or find out where she was, if it weren’t for Tina you wouldn’t have tracked her down or have been able to convince her to come see you perform at Nationals. So what are you preparing for exactly? The best I can guess it’s your outfit and hair for the day.

You’re such a Broadway lover and obsessive that you go out of your way to memorise all the Broadway classics and most popular hits I’m sure, and yet you didn’t know that the song Listen was not in the Dreamgirls musical, that it was actually written for the film adaptation when director Bill Condon felt the second half of the film needed a song, likewise you had no idea that CATS had been closed for elven years. Yeah, guess you’re not really the Broadway buff you’d like us to think you were.

Now when we found out about all the clubs you belong to, you admitted the only reason you were involved in these clubs was simply because you wanted to practise getting your photo taken multiple times and frequently in order to prepare yourself for the paparazzi when you get famous. But now apparently you’re the leader of sixteen of them? You actually care about the clubs now when before you didn’t?  Likewise, not long ago you claimed you needed either than part of Maria or to win Senior studentbody president, not wanted to, not could help, but that you needed to win one or other in order to make your resume for NYADA successful - Where was your dedication to all these clubs back then? And if they’re such a burden to you then why are you the leader of sixteen of them? Take a back seat if it’s that much of an inconvenience.

And really? You maintain that level of intelligence and noteworthy schoolwork when: You were more than happy to eat up every bit of advice an incompetent and untalented TV commercial star gave you, including giving up on Broadway and not going to college - Were more than happy to throw your life away, marrying Finn without thinking about the consequences, especially in terms of finance and living situations, when you thought you weren’t getting into NYADA - And you only applied to one school, and didn’t plan a backup in case it didn’t work out, and after it didn’t work out you continued to not bother forming a new plan for you future.


You see Glee, this is why your ‘Tell Don’t Show’ mentality doesn’t work - Because contrived crap like this is really noticeable and it falls flat on its ass constantly.

Why don’t you like HummelBerry?!

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